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    Certificate No : 1014910

    Issuing authority : Business Administration In Dongguan

    Valid period : 2014/4/22 - 2031/8/8

    Business license is a corporate business license for short, is the enterprise or organization is a legitimate right to operate the certificate.If the industrial and commercial enterprises or individual operators have no business license are not allowed to open, not engraved official seal, signed a contract, a registered trademark, advertising, the bank will not open an account.

    Business scope:Test equipment and instruments,Laboratory testing equipment and instrument,Automation equipment.

    Test equipments including :Environmental test chamber,Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Aging Test Chamber, Rain & Spray Test Chamber, Walk In Chamber.

  • The Organization Code

    Certificate No : 0392877

    Issuing authority : State Administration of Inspection and Quarantine

    Valid period : 2016/6/12 - 2018/6/12

    The organization code is issued by the People's Republic of China in accordance with the law, according to the law of the organs, enterprises, institutions, social organizations and private non-enterprise units issued a nationwide unique, always the same code.

    The uniqueness and always invariance of the organization code makes it provide a powerful technical guarantee for the realization of computer automation management and information exchange.

    Organizational code information is at the heart of the organization's basic information. For the information sharing and government departments to strengthen supervision and management to play a comprehensive performance to provide a technical basis.

    Climate Instrument has over 10 years of industry experience in designing and manufacturing environmental chambers and temperature controlled products. Our environmental chambers are designed to simulate a full range of environmental conditions to test or store your products. We specialize in test chambers that are capable of extreme cold and hot temperatures combined with humidity, tensile or vibration. Climate Instrument also manufactures a variety of environmental chambers that simulate other climatic conditions such as rain, wind, dust and sun.

  • Tax Registration Certificate

    Issuing authority : Dongguan Trade and Industry Bureau

    Valid period : 2017/6/10 - 2018/9/9

    Tax registration certificate, is engaged in the production and operation of the taxpayer to the production, management or tax liability to the competent tax authorities to apply for tax registration, issued by the registration certificate. In addition to the provisions do not need to issue tax registration documents, the taxpayer to open a bank account, apply for tax cuts, tax exemptions, tax rebates and other matters, must hold tax registration documents.

    Tax registration certificate,which means we have the right to open our own account,Invoicing and have a buiness,Climate Instrument CO.,LTD also manufactures a variety of environmental chambers that simulate other climatic conditions such as rain, wind, dust and sun.

    Standardization allows Climate Instrument to concentrate on quality construction and innovative designs. Many of the environmental test chambers built include optional features or customization to exactly fit the customer's application.